Actions 2014-2016

UOC commitment

  • Draft and execute the UOC's Social Responsibility Master Plan

Human capital

  • Create a system to assess fulfilment
  • Draft and implement career plans for internal personnel
  • Configure the UOC Profiles Map (current and future)
  • Implement the objectives definition and assessment system
  • Establish a training and coaching plan

Team implication

  • Develop policies and actions for closer involvement with the University
  • Create an action plan to foster leadership and responsibility
  • Increase communication actions

Viable UOC

  • Three-year financial projection
  • Rationalization of spending-investment
  • Analytical accountancy
  • Internal control

Role review

  • Establish the post, levels and profiles of UOC collaborating teaching staff
  • Define measures to achieve greater participation by collaborating teaching staff in the development of the UOC
  • Develop measures designed to increase collaborating teaching staff sense of belonging
  • Review the different academic functions and roles
  • Define measures to assess the quality of the teaching work of collaborating teaching staff

Resource management and coordination

  • Implement a new system for learning resources management, commissioning and creation
  • Improve the current learning resources production process model
  • Establish an open access policy aimed at disseminating production excellence and maximum visibility of contents
  • Design an innovative, benchmark and ubiquitous learning resources experience for UOC students 

New educational model

  • Review the current education model
  • Design the new education model
  • Implement the new education model
  • Assess the new education model
  • Disseminate the new education model
  • Extend the culture of the digital lecturer

UOC viable tech (Information Systems Master Plan)

  • Sales and community relationship management (CRM)
  • Create a new work environment and improve user experience
  • Review the classroom and create new teaching tools
  • Mobile and ubiquitous UOC at work
  • Data management and business intelligence (BI)
  • Create a new integrated academic management system (SIS-ERP)
  • Other business transformation projects
  • Technological plan and migration to the cloud
  • Teach skills and empower digitally
  • Technology security plan

Ubiquity tools

  • Define the UOC's ubiquity strategy and mobility policy
  • Review the current situation
  • Create the mobile and multi-device learning process work point (for students and teachers)
  • Disseminate and accompany the UOC community
  • Create a new work point, taking into account the ubiquity of UOC workers
  • Develop assessment ubiquity
  • Create a future trends observatory

UOC communication

  • Comprehensive communication plan
  • Definition of a global brand
  • Definition of a UOC spokesperson and ambassador map

Institutional development

  • Establish in which networks and debates the UOC should be present
  • Define a regional presence proposal
  • Create a philanthropic funding search programme
  • Define the institutional strategy and local and international partnerships
  • Foster cooperation as the cement to bind the institution together

Global dimension

  • Identify the countries where commercial actions need prioritizing
  • Contact universities in focus countries where alliances need to be established to increase the numbers of international UOC students
  • Work with UOC Departments to create a catalogue adapted to meet international market needs
  • Consolidate international commercial presence (Chile, Colombia) and define new commercial strategy for Mexico

Expansion plan

  • Detect new catalogue opportunities
  • Identify and implement the IB strategy
  • Identify and implement LATAM opportunities

Internationalisation processes

  • Align processes to carry out the expansion plan

New business models

  • Build an internal value proposal
  • Define a commercial strategy for each market
  • Foster UOC Empresa growth and consolidation

Improve R&I model

  • Assess and recognize R&I task
  • Promote research and innovation quality to foster excellence and productivity
  • Define the conditions to be an innovative university

R&I dissemination to attract opportunities

  • Transfer knowledge and technology to obtain resources derived from RDI
  • Define measures that allow for greater participation in RDI projects
  • Improve the impact of internal and external communication of all RDI activity
  • Promote R&I quality to increase excellence and productivity

Skills and employability

  • Assess by skills
  • Define an internship and bachelor's degree final project programme
  • Create a line of research to analyse the impact on e-learning and employability
  • Create a services proposal of value to the UOC community


  • Create an entrepreneurship plan