Services for people with disabilities

Institutional commitment

Since its beginnings, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) has been committed to the social inclusion of people with disabilities, and it therefore seeks to provide accessibility to the university for anyone who wants to be part of the various groups in our community (students, temporary lecturers, teaching staff and administration staff).

In order to further its commitment with a guarantee of accessibility, the UOC has created the Accessibility Programme, to start-up and coordinate the implementation of the principles and action plans approved by the Executive Management Committee on this area. Consequently, this Programme will coordinate the activities of the following bodies:

  • Accessibility Benchmarkers
  • Committee for Curricular Adaptation

The Accessibility Benchmarkers group is responsible for coordinating the tasks of the various teams and for exchanging information, and each benchmarker acts as liaison for their administration or study department. It is comprised of representatives of the administration and teaching staff teams.

The role of the Committee for Curricular Adaptation is the case-by-case resolution of significant curricular adaptations in cases of students where it is deemed necessary.