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The Chair's Management Board, comprising representatives of the UOC and Linguamón-House of Languages, was constituted in March 2007, when Isidor Marí was appointed Director of the Chair and Miquel Strubell its Executive Secretary. Isidor Marí was subsequently appointed Chairman of the Philological Section of the IEC. Thus, at its meeting of 19 October 2010, the Board appointed Miquel Strubell as Director of the Chair, Joan Pujolar as Secretary and Maite Puigdevall as Head of its Teaching Section:


Miquel Strubell was Head of the Servei de Normalització Lingüística (Language Standardisation Service) of the Generalitat of Catalonia in 1980. He later acted as Director of the Institut de Sociolingüística Catalana (Institute of Catalan Sociolinguistics), Secretary of the Consell Social de la Llengua Catalana (Advisory Council of the Catalan Language) and Vice-Chairman of the Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística (Consortium for Language Standardisation), until 1999, when he joined the UOC as a lecturer.


Joan Pujolar graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Anglo-Germanic and Catalan Studies and obtained his doctorate from the University of Lancaster. He acted as Director of Language and Culture Studies at the UOC from 2005 to 2009 and was Director of the university's Catalan Studies programme from 2001 to 2004.


Maite Puigdevall graduated from the University of Girona with a degree in Catalan Studies. She later moved to Cardiff, where she first obtained her master's degree in Welsh Ethnological Studies from the Department of Welsh and subsequently completed her PhD on Language Planning in the Private Sector. In January 2008, she joined the UOC as a lecturer in Arts and Humanities.


The members of the Chair's Board are:


• Director of Linguamón-House of Languages, Antoni Mir
• Linguamón-House of Languages, Marta Xirinachs
• Vice-Chancellor of Post-graduates, Lifelong Education and Multilingualism at the UOC, Josep Maria Duart
• Vice-Chancellor of Technology at the UOC, Llorenç Valverde
• Director of Arts and Humanities,  Agnès Vayreda
• Director of the Chair, Miquel Strubell
• Executive Secretary and Head of Research of the Chair, Joan Pujolar
• Head of Teaching of the Chair, Maite Puigdevall