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Faculty of Law and Political Science
Dissemination and publications

IDP Journal

IDP. The Internet, Law and Politics (Internet, Derecho y Política) journal aims to be a platform for reflection and discussion on the content and extent of the changes that the information and communication technologies –in particular, the phenomenon of the Internet– bring to the fields of law, politics and public administration: e-democracy, personal data processing, Internet provider responsibility, intellectual property and the freedom of speech on the Web, e-administration, the new forms of political participation, and consumer protection on the Internet are some of the issues addressed in magazine contributions. Magazine content ranges from theoretical reflection to specific experiences in these fields.

The journal is promoted by the faculty of the UOC's Faculty of Law and Political Science –their research focusing primarily on analysing the impact technological developments are having on the legal, political, and public administration fields– and is open to legal and political scholars and professionals who want to contribute.

Each issue of IDP. Journal on Internet, Law and Politics includes a featured topic, analysis articles, a review section (on research, recent publications, conferences, etc.) and a section commenting on new legislation.

Iss. 17

Slaves to Big Data. Or Are We?

Iss. 16

How to prevent abusive behaviour and technological crime at companies? An interdisciplinary study of the ICT use policies, and prevention and management of 'conflicts' in a sample of Spanish companies

Iss. 15

VIII International Conference on Internet, Law & Politics

Iss. 14

VIII International Conference on Internet, Law & Politics.

Iss. 13

Monograph VII International Conference on Internet, Law & Politics. Net Neutrality and other challenges for the future of the Internet

Iss. 12

Tax Administration: A Guide for the Development of Electronic Tax Administration in Spain.

Iss. 11

Monograph 6th IDP Conference. Cloud Computing: Law and Politics in The Cloud.

Iss. 10

Dr. Esther Vilalta: Relational Justice and Methods of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR): Towards Technical and Legal Harmonisation.

Iss. 9

Privacy and social networks: the current issue of the journal presents a series of articles from various disciplines which attempt to provide a legal response to situations that arise as a result of the development of new activities as the Internet expands, as well as information and services offered on the net. Apart from these articles, this edition also features some of the presentations from the 5th Internet, Law and Policies Conference held on 6 and 7 July 2009 at the Barcelona Province Support Centre of the UOC.

Iss. 8

Issue number 8 features the dossier on Free and Open-Source Software, the articles in which tackle the key issues in this field, such as collective knowledge production and open-source software as an element of development of Electronic Administration.