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UOC News

NETWORKS / The selfie is one of the great stars of Instagram and the most modern interpretation of the portrait. Far from being just a fad, it has become almost a photographic genre in its own right. Since the legendary selfie of Ellen DeGeneres at the 2014 Oscar ceremony, the selfie concept has matured and gained popularity. Until that moment, Google searches for the term "selfie" were almost non-existent. Now, the selfie has firmly established itself and left in its wake a vast legacy of self-portraits. The UOC research Selfiestories and personal data looks at the use of Instagram as an authentic content creation tool, and the selfie as a medium for conveying personal narrative.

CORPORATIVE NEWS / The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has published a report, in collaboration with the UOC's Faculty of Health Sciences, which explains how eHealth services can be successfully introduced within healthcare contexts. This report forms part of the PAHO’s global eHealth strategy (2014-2019) for Latin American countries to optimize and improve health services with eHealth and mHealth (mobile health) applications, training for medical professionals and digital skills courses.

CORPORATIVE NEWS / The UOC is updating its corporate image, injecting fresh dynamism, interaction, flexibility and sound elements to portray both the present and future UOC. The brand's new look will be visible in the University's digital and physical environments as of 24 October. The new brand matches the path the UOC is set to take in coming years. 


RESEARCH / Eduard Aibar, director of the UOC research group Open Science & Innovation (OSI), and Marta Aymerich, the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research at the UOC, have today presented the results of the first study on the scientific content of the Spanish language version of Wikipedia. The study, which was supported by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), constitutes the most extensive and in-depth research conducted to date anywhere in the world, on this kind of content, in any of the online encyclopaedia’s language versions. 

NETWORKS & PREVENTION / Thousands of things can be done on social media networks: posting photos, publishing news, writing a comment and, now, helping detect someone going through a tough time. Facebook has activated a button to warn about comments or entries that suggest an acquaintance is going through a bad patch: depression, self-harm or suicidal tendencies. This warning button is also on Instagram, Twitter or Tuenti. But can a notification help save a life? UOC psychology experts analyse this issue.


INTERVIEW WITH ROGER GOMIS, ICREA PROFESSOR AT THE INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH IN BIOMEDICINE (IRB BARCELONA) / Roger Gomis devotes his time to researching a relatively unknown phenomenon which is of great concern to society: that of metastasis. He holds a doctoral degree in biochemistry; he was granted a post-doctoral research fellowship in the US in 2002, carrying out research in Joan Massagu's lab at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. Continuing this work in Catalonia, he is now ICREA professor at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), where he heads up the "Growth control and cancer metastasis" group. Gomis completed a Business Studies course at the UOC, studies which have subsequently served him well in setting up his latest venture, Inbiomotion, the company through which he aims to launch a biomarker for the prediction of bone metastasis in breast cancer.

More news

  • How do cities change in summer?

    In summer, the Sagrada Famlia metro exit is full of sunburnt foreigners, speaking languages which are familiar or very difficult to identify, wearing all kinds of caps and hats and carrying old and new cameras, some fitted with the popular selfie stick. They are people of all ages and from all over the world with the same aim: to visit Antonio Gaud’s temple. What do the local people think of this tourism boom? Experts in tourism from the UOC analyse how this and other neighbourhoods of Barcelona are transformed during summer and whether this is inconvenient for those who live there all year round.

  • Covert advertising by bloggers is an offence

    The United Kingdom and the United States have passed a law prohibiting influencers, people with a strong presence and reputation on social networks, from promoting products without telling the public that they are in fact advertising.

  • The UOC's mobile apps receive an honourable mention at the Learning Impact Awards

    The UOC's mobile apps – Explica!, Assess and Submissions – received an honourable mention at the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards, where they had been named among the finalists.