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UOC News

40 measures against political corruption

Political corruption continues to be one of citizens' top concerns. But how can we combat or even eradicate corruption? The Spanish chapter of Transparency International (TI)  has presented a list of 40 anti-corruption measures targeting political parties, specifically with the general elections of 20 December in mind.

The UOC Library, via the Learning Resources group, has acquired a subscription to Filmin (for the UOC's Communication students and lecturers). 

Thirty million refugee children are denied their human rights

30 million children suffer the most extreme situation of vulnerability and exclusion, “they are denied all their human rights, especially in such vital areas as health, education and their personal development, as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990)", states Toms Jimnez Araya, lecturer for the UOC University Master's Degree in Human Rights, Democracy and Globalization and consultant with UNICEF.

"Jihad 2.0: Islamic State has professionalized its ICT use"

Social media have been used to provide help and information about the events, but they are also used by the terrorists themselves to build their circles and spread their propaganda. According to the journalist Andrs Ortiz, author of the book Jihad: How Islamic State has conquered the social and communication media, published by Editorial UOC, "Islamic State has professionalized its ICT use, it now has a highly advanced communication industry". 

Major communication media choose the UOC for the Vodafone Journalism Award

Vodafone Spain Foundation gave its Journalism awards to UOC, the jury, whose members are professionals from acknowledged communication media, have highlighted the UOC's two most significant areas of research and activity: the information and knowledge society and e-learning. 

The UOC produces 5,200 graduates 

UOC calls on the role of the university as an economic powerhouse, offering precisely the range of courses adapted to the real needs of the job market. This year, another 5,200 people will graduate from the UOC, trained to meet the needs of the job market in the field of information and communication technologies.

The effects of the incorrect use of ICT: Passive infoxication

 “We need to incorporate protocols to standardize the use of smartphones and raise public awareness,” says UOC expert, Manuel Armayones. Passive infoxication is a concept which defines the incorrect use of smartphones in public spaces that may cause nuisance to other people.

A computer system that detects human emotions

Researchers with theSUNAI research group from the UOC'sIN3 have created a computer system that detects human emotions. The results of this facial expression analysis using computer vision techniques can be found in the scientific journal Pattern Recognition Letters.

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