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UOC News

UOC / En el marc del congrs Learning Impact Leadership Institute, ngels Fit, directora dels Estudis d’Economia i Empresa de la UOC, i Francesc Santanach, de l’eLearn Center, presenten, juntament amb membres de l’oficina de Digital Learning del MIT, un projecte que t per objectiu catalogar i relacionar les competncies amb les assignatures i les activitats d’aprenentatge.

If you use Internet to achieve a goal or answer a question, you browse functionally, you don't leave comments or opinions and you're worried about your privacy, then you're a digital visitor. But if you live, interact, open and display your social life on the Web, you're a digital resident. "One could think that it is an age or generational thing, but it's not like that. Sometimes, we are residents, other times we are visitors or both at once or more one than the other", say Agust Canals and Eva Ortoll, professors of Information and Communication Sciences at the UOC and researchers for the "Digital  visitors and residents" study.

The purpose of the open-source software movement is to advocate open (the code is public), collaborative (the community participates in the development process) software development. However, neither this goal nor the theoretically democratic functioning that one would expect is always met.  This is the main conclusion reached by the SOM Research Lab at the UOC Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3).

CORPORATE NEWS / The President of the UOC, Josep A. Planell, will be a full member of CINDA, the Inter-university Development Centre, an international non-profit corporation comprising universities from Latin America and Europe. Until now he had been an alternate member. The change will become official at the meeting of the CINDA Executive Committee, which is to take place on 12 and 13 May in Montevideo, Uruguay.

UOC graduates are very satisfied with their studies, a fact which has been reflected in the assessment report drawn up by Planning and Quality department at the UOC. Of particular note from among the results, 92% would choose the UOC again and 88% would study for the same qualification if they had to.

INTERVIEW WITH TAKASHI YOSHINAGA / “Thanks to augmented reality we can obtain the best ultrasound possible in each case”. This is the clear, unambiguous view of Takashi Yoshinaga, one of the main international augmented reality experts. Researcher at the Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies in Japan, he has developed augmented reality models in the fields of medicine, agriculture and sport, among others areas.

More news

  • The UOC celebrates Scratch Day with outreach activities

    Can Scratch, a tool for children to learn computer language programming, help reduce inequality? Within the framework of Scratch Day 2016, which takes place on 14 May, the UOC has launched an outreach project to bring Scratch to those groups of children and young people with difficulties.

  • Facebook comes of age

    On 4 February 2004, a social medium was born that, in just over a decade, has become one of the most revolutionary and successful inventions of the century: Facebook.

  • (More) monitored workers

    The ruling in the Barbulescu case, the Romanian engineer who was fired for having written personal emails with his corporate mail account during the working day, highlights how in just a short space of time, the use of ICT has wrought huge changes in the organization of companies.