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"Thinking that anyone can do any job is a mistake. Without a vocation, you don't get to be a good teacher"

Doug Lemov manages Uncommon Schools, a network of schools that work with children at risk of social exclusion in the United States, achieving great academic successes, he has not ceased to analyse, study, reflect... Teach Like a Champion, his study into successful teachers in urban areas, has become a manual for many teachers in his country.

"By the time the baby boomers turn eighty, they will be great users of the new technologies"

Moon Choi is an Assistant Professor of Aging and Technology at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy (STP), in South Korea; her research focuses on gerontology, technology, and social policy, bridging between public health and social welfare policy. She has published studies on senior transportation, mobility limitations and inequalities in health and mental health among older adults.


20 years video

Asimov predicted e-learning in 1988

Isaac Asimov, one of the leading science-fiction authors of the twentieth century, not only imagined what the world would be like in the future, but in an interview published in 1988 (years before the creation of the World Wide Web) he imagined the impact of technology on education.
"Since 1995, the UOC has been turning this future that he imagined into reality." For this reason, to mark the twentieth anniversary of our founding, we would like to remember his words with a commemorative video "that has all the validity and future projection", states Planell.

Marketing and the environment: how can we influence people and raise awareness?

More and more products and services include information on aspects such as energy efficiency or environmental footprint. It is common, for example, for electrical appliances to detail their electricity consumption and level of energy efficiency. Likewise, more and more products also offer details on their environmental footprint, referring to the production process and supply chain.

"Art, once again, like in the 1960s, is a platform for experimentation, not just observation"

Canadian artist Chris Salter is renowned for his risky proposals that let those attending the performances play a part and leave their own mark on the work. An example of this is his latest work, Ilinx, presented in the Netherlands.
The female sexual liberation presented in Fifty Shades of Grey is a falsehood

«The female sexual liberation presented in Fifty Shades of Grey is a falsehood»

Anastasia and Christian Grey are two very familiar names. Fifty Shades of Grey, the best-seller that has now sold 20 million copies worldwide, "combines the usual traditional discourse about romantic love with a full and free experience of female sexuality, but it makes it a commodity," said researchers Meritxell Esquirol, from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), and Cristina Pujol, from the Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona (UAB).


Promoting mobile health in Latin America with MWCB and Telefnica

Fostering the use of mobile devices to promote health and improve the patient's wellbeing and care processes is the aim of RITMOS, the Latin American mHealth Technologies Network, which will be leading the eHealth research group of the UOC Health Sciences Department (the eHealthLab) over the next four years.

Latest news
UOC, the leading online university

UOC, the leading online university

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) is one of the, if not the most advanced online universities, yearning for lifelong learning by applying continuously the newest technologies on its global campus. Teachers as well as graduated students comment on their career and experiences at the university.

Experts guide

Experts guide

The Experts Guide is published on paper and online to let members of the media get to know the UOC’s faculty and researchers, and departments and knowledge areas. It helps them when they need to find an authoritative voice on a specific subject when producing journalistic products and information.

The directory presents a graphical summary of the most important information on the profiles of well over two hundred UOC faculty and researchers.