UOC centres and points

The UOC works towards being a global university with social impact through teaching and research. We train professionals and citizens who see the world as increasingly more interconnected.

Institutional offices

The institutional centres provide a work area for the University's teaching, research and management teams.

UOC centres and points

The network's mission is to offer services to the UOC community and strengthen institutional relations with organizations and the local community. In addition, it fosters activities in the UOC's fields of expertise and supports cooperative actions.

The network fosters alliances with companies and institutions that share the University's goals and values, and reflect the UOC's commitment to building the knowledge society. The aim is to create a network of contacts that aids the sharing of experiences focused on professional development and improving competitiveness.

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The UOC points, which are to be found in organizations that collaborate with the UOC, let the University create closer ties with university community and provide certain services in their area.

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The UOC worldwide

The UOC also has centres in México and Bogotá, and works in collaboration with international organizations, ministries and departments of education, as well as universities and higher education institutions in countries all around the world, we seek to improve both the coverage of and access to university studies, and to contribute towards Sustainable Development Goal 4, Quality Education.

We encourage research activities that are interdisciplinary, relevant to society, and deserving of international funding. Our classrooms are shared by students and teaching staff from a wide range of places, and we produce academic content that is aimed at meeting the global challenges we all face.

UOC students around the world

UOC students around the world


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