Disability services

Disability services

The UOC's mission is to facilitate lifelong education for all, which is why it strives to ensure its own accessibility for students with disabilities. Our educational model achieves great results in terms of providing equal opportunities to education. We also make every effort to meet the specific needs of students in this group.

Accessibility measures at the UOC

The UOC demonstrates its commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities through various actions, such as adapting its virtual platform to improve accessibility and providing study support materials. It also strives to ensure effective inclusion, which means offering financial aid, monitoring students' learning and tailoring the final tests to their needs. Lastly, it provides additional support to help students successfully complete their internships and enter the world of work.

Below is a list of the disability services offered by the UOC:

  • Comprehensive online help service to respond to queries and incidents of an administrative/academic or technological nature.
  • Tutoring service to guide and advise students all the way from admission to graduation.
  • Virtual Campus and classrooms. The UOC makes every effort to ensure that the entire Virtual Campus and the classrooms adhere to international accessibility guidelines, allowing all users to make good use of the web content regardless of their personal, physical, sensory or intellectual capacities or the technical conditions (type of device, software, connection speed, environmental conditions, etc.).
  • UOC learning resources in courses. These resources are available in XML format, from which versions of the same content can be created in multiple other formats (paper, PDF, HTML, karaoke, audiobook or e-book). Each of these formats is designed for use at specific times or in specific situations, and work is being done to ensure that this range of options is available for all course materials. If someone is unable to access course material, we do whatever we can to make the pertinent adaptations.
  • In-person events. The UOC is mindful of the special needs of UOC community members at in-person events, such as the graduation ceremony (providing a suitable location in the room for each person's needs, programme and speeches printed on paper, subtitles in online conferences and support during the event).
  • Adaptations for special needs. Students can request the adaptations they deem necessary for both their coursework during the semester and the final tests.
  • Internships and career guidance. Agreements are in place with the following institutions to provide better guidance to students with disabilities and foster their entry into the job market:
    • Randstad Foundation - Infopoint service: a career guidance service for people with a certified disability of 33% or more.
    • Prevent Foundation: an employment guidance service for students with disabilities.
    • Universia Foundation: a free employment recruitment consultancy service specializing in people with disabilities. It also advises students with disabilities on employment issues.
    • 3rd UOC Online Employment Fair: publication of job offers for students with disabilities.

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