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The UOC meets people's varying lifelong learning needs with a wide range of programmes, which are constantly updated and expanded to encompass new fields of knowledge. The UOC's current range is divided into bachelor's degrees, university master's degrees, lifelong learning programmes, doctoral programmes, open courses and vocational training in partnership with Jesu´tes Educaciˇ.

Bachelor's degrees

The UOC bachelor's degrees are official university studies that provide flexible university training which is oriented towards the professional world. They offer training based on a unique learning method, in which students manage their time with the full support of the teaching staff.

The bachelor's degree programmes have a work load of 240 ECTS credits, and the programme of study contains at least 60 basic ECTS credits, of which at least 36 are linked to the degree's branch of knowledge. 

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University master's degrees

University master's degrees are official university programmes open to students who already hold a university qualification and are seeking advanced training specializing in specific fields.

University master's degrees provide specialized training for academic or professional careers, or prepare students to go into research. At the UOC,consist of between 60 and 90 ECTS credits, which can be taken at each student's own pace.

Check out the UOC's master's degrees and the career opportunities they offer


Lifelong learning programmes

The UOC's online lifelong learning programmespecialization diplomas and expert diplomas are geared towards helping you acquire the knowledge required for the professional profiles in highest demand.

They've been designed taking the latest trends in society into account. They're a great tool to help you progress in the world of work.

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Doctoral programmes and knowledge transfer

Our doctoral programmes are designed to foster academic, scientific and business-related research and provide students with the skills needed to obtain a doctorate, the highest academic qualification the university can confer. Our doctoral programmes reaffirm our leading position as a pioneering institution in Europe and an international benchmark in e-learning.

The UOC also offers five research, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship courses in English for doctoral students, researchers and faculty to support academic, scientific and business-related research. These short programmes focus on learning and developing research skills. Access to these courses is not subject to any specific requirements.

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University access for the over-25s and over-45s

In order to help people aged over 25 and 45 gain access to the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and the official bachelor's degree programmes, the UOC offers a university entrance exam preparation course. The basic aim of this six-month course is to ensure students gain the knowledge needed to pass the university entrance examination.

Find out more about the university entrance examination preparation course (in Catalan)


Language courses

The range of language training available at the UOC covers over fifty online courses of various levels and durations, for learning English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Catalan and Spanish.

The courses last from four to eight months, and take place entirely online. Students passing them are awarded a UOC language certificate.

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Jesu´tes Educaciˇ vocational training in partnership with the UOC

Jesu´tes Educaciˇ runs in-person programmes, and the UOC, via UOC X – Xtended Studies, has the platform, the technological tools and the methodological support structure needed to run them online. Thanks to an agreement, Jesu´tes Educaciˇ is in charge of the academic aspects and together they are able to provide innovative, quality vocational training that goes far beyond what is available elsewhere in terms of the methodology (the educational model, technology and service).

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Seminars and other courses

The UOC seminars are flexible courses focusing on areas of interest and lasting just one month. They are knowledge capsules dealing with culture and society that take an in-depth look at current issues.

In turn, the professional training courses are longer online programmes that provide an opportunity for updating with the professional skills that are most in demand in a labour market that is undergoing constant transformation. These courses are an effective tool for students to increase their skills in specific fields in a flexible way.

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Open courses

The UOC also offers students the opportunity to take a series of courses without having to meet any access requirements or do a complete programme, and with all the advantages of the UOC methods.

In addition to acquiring specific knowledge, open courses are a good opportunity to get started with the UOC's educational model.

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Professional development programmes

Short, immersive courses that provide the opportunity to acquire university-level knowledge and skills to apply from the outset in professional life.

With these training courses, students can enhance their professional skills in the most sought-after subject areas, with the support of experts who are active in the field. 

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