Put into practice what you have learned

Put into practice what you have learned

UOC students are particularly highly valued in today's job market and the current context of digital transformation. Our students' digital, organizational and collaborative competencies are closely aligned with this market's current needs. The UOC also organizes specific initiatives to facilitate its students' entry into the labour market.

What resources does the UOC offer to enhance the employability of its students?

The UOC works to strengthen the university's links with companies. It organizes series of employment workshops during the academic year, which work on a broad-based development of specific employability competencies. It also provides opportunities for employment through internship programmes and its job bank.

It also organizes the UOC Virtual Employment Fair – an online forum where the UOC's students and alumni, professionals, companies and institutions can meet up and exchange experiences and knowledge.

What types of internships are there?

External internships are split into the following two categories, depending on whether or not they are part of the training plan:

  • Curricular internships: These are part of a compulsory or optional course or bachelor's or university master's degree. At More UOC / The university / Programmes of study you can check whether the option of carrying out a curricular internship is available for your programme.
  • Non-curricular internships: These are voluntary and not linked to any specific courses, which means that you do not have to do one in order to successfully complete your programme. Despite this, their objective is to provide training, and you must be able to apply the knowledge acquired in them to your academic training.

Students are covered by an accident insurance policy arranged by the Fundació per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (FUOC) throughout the internship period.

Internships can be carried out in companies and institutions in Catalonia, Spain or abroad, and they can be on-site, hybrid or remote.  

How do I apply for them?

The application process for curricular internships varies slightly depending on the course: you can consult the process for each case at Procedures / Internships in companies / Curricular internships. Remember, once the internship has been assigned, you will have to enrol for the corresponding course at Procedures / Enrolment during the ordinary enrolment period. The duration of the internship is determined by the number of course credits.

You can look for non-curricular internships yourself and propose a centre, entity, company or institution to the UOC. In addition, the UOC provides a list of internship offers within the non-curricular internships call. You can find all the information in Procedures / Internships in companies / Non-curricular internships. The non-curricular internships page also gives the requirements that you must meet in order to do them.

The Internship and Mobility Service has an internship management tool ( which is used to manage all the internships in both cases. Registration for the calls for applications for curricular or non-curricular internships, if applicable, is compulsory.

The cooperative education agreement needed for the internship will be arranged at the end of the process.

How can I spend time abroad?

In addition to putting into practice the knowledge acquired during your training and acquiring new technical and social skills, the UOC provides Erasmus+ grants to spend time abroad and improve your foreign language skills in accordance with a very specific schedule. Two basic types of internship abroad are available:

  • Mobility for studies. On the Campus you will find information about the calls for applications, including the host universities and the fields of study in the Erasmus+ programme.
  • Mobility for internships: For curricular or non-curricular internships in EU countries, you must propose the institution, organization, company or institution yourself.

You can consult the information about internships abroad at Procedures / Resources for finding international internships

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