The virtual classrooms

The virtual classroom is the part of the Campus where you will take your courses: you will be able to interact with the course instructor and your fellow students, access all the materials, carry out the continuous assessment activities and view the marks.

What will I find there?
Find out what the UOC virtual classroom looks like, what tools you have for performing the activities and what sections there are. 
How can I access them?

You can access the classrooms from the Virtual Campus's home page, where you will find a module for each of the courses that you have enrolled on. The module is minimized by default, but you can open it and change its colour and location as suits you best. You can also consult the classrooms from the Classrooms button in the top menu. 

When can I access them?
  • If you have enrolled for a bachelor's degree, a university master's degree or at the Centre for Modern Languages, the classrooms will appear during the first day of the semester. Remember that the UOC has two semester starts (September and October).
  • If you have enrolled for a UOC-certified master's degree, postgraduate diploma or specialization, the classrooms will be activated progressively during the semester. You will receive a notice in the Campus mailbox a few days before each course starts.

Find out more about what you will find in the classroom.

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