The teaching staff

Our teaching staff is made up of experts in their fields. They are responsible for guiding students and supporting them as they make decisions, plan their work, complete activities and take the assessments.

What types of teachers are there?

Our teaching staff provide personalized support and ongoing guidance for students throughout their time at the UOC, thereby creating strong bonds and close links with the community.

There are four kinds of teachers, all of whom work together to ensure a high-quality learning experience:

  • Coordinating professors: they design the course, select and assign learning resources and are ultimately responsible for assuring the quality of the teaching that students receive. For vocational training courses, this role is covered by the programme director.
  • Adjunct instructors: they provide assistance to the coordinating professors and perform a range of teaching and faculty-support tasks as required.
  • Course instructors: they guide and monitor the students' learning process throughout the course.
  • Tutors: they welcome, mentor and help students during their time at the UOC, while also aiding the other members of teaching staff in their work. For vocational training courses, students have both an academic tutor and a workplace training tutor who acts as a mentor during internships at companies or institutions.

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