JAM 2017 (Annual Metadecidim Conference): Technologies for a networked democracy

From the CNSC group, within the framework of Technopolitics, we are pleased to invite you to JAM 2017 (Annual Metadecidim Conference, JAM for its initials in Catalan), to be held on 26, 27 and 28 October 2017 with the topic Technologies for a networked democracy. JAM is the most important meeting space of the Decidim community, the digital platform for citizen participation that has been championed by the City Council of Barcelona and which is currently used by several municipalities. A platform based on free software and open to everyone.


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Vèrtex Building
Plaça d'Eusebi Güell, 6
08034 Barcelona


26/10/2017 - 28/10/2017

Organized by

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Barcelona, CN&SC (Technopolitics) research group of the IN3, aLabs and Localret


As you will see in the online program, this year we will discuss the inception, use and social impact of technologies for a networked democracy. JAM’s focus is inter-municipal, given the challenges that the use of Decidim presents for the various municipalities, not only in the case of Barcelona, but also other councils, such as Hospitalet, Terrassa, Sabadell, Gavà, Sant Cugat, Vilanova, Pamplona or Mataró, to name a few.

By the end of 2016, with the creation of the #Metadecidim community, JAM was born as a participative process of decidim.barcelona to redesign, openly and collaboratively, the Decidim platform. Continuing in this spirit, the #Metadecidim community has now come together in other areas, such as SOM (Metadecidim Operative Sessions, SOM for its initials in Catalan) and LAB (open research spaces), where we find all the participants and collectives involved in sharing visions, objectives and experiences on the platform. The #Metadecidim community now has an opportunity to come together, in JAM, as an indispensable part of this free software project that inspires increasingly more citizen interest every day, both in its use (by institutions and organizations) and in its conception and design.

From the #Metadecidim community, we want to rethink and redesign, in an open, transparent and collaborative way, Decidim, the digital platform for citizen participation. Your participation in this conference, whether you are currently using the platform or you are planning to do so, will help us all advance in the development of new challenges and objectives for Decidim and its community.

Together, towards a network of democratic cities and organizations. We hope to see you there!