Hac Te (Art, Science and Technology Hub)

Hac Te (Art, Science and Technology Hub)

Explore and develop intersections between art, science and technology to boost the digital transformation of society: this is the aim of Hac Te (Art, Science and Technology Hub), promoted by nine institutions to make Barcelona a global centre for research, training, dissemination, transfer and production in this field.

This is a cross-sector initiative under a joint-governance model, which has the support of institutions such as Barcelona City Council, the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. 

What is Hac Te?


A hybrid environment connecting knowledge and disciplines in art, science and technology


The interconnection of academic fields and different actors involved in interdisciplinarity


An open future for all society and a driver of digital transformation

Who is in Hac Te?


BISTBarcelona Tech CityHangarNew Art Foundation

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