Working group on innovation in digital health

Marta Aymerich took part in a discussion and working group on innovation in digital health organized by New Medical Economics and AstraZeneca

Big data, robotics and the use of the internet in general by doctors, patients and healthcare professionals have been revolutionizing the healthcare sector in recent years. The arrival of COVID-19 has led to a change in how information is exchanged, thanks to preventive measures such as video calls, consultations and telephone support.

Technological advances also allow for faster and more accurate data analysis that gives healthcare professionals access to patient information in real time. Digitalization has paved the way for a new healthcare model that makes it possible to perform diagnoses, treatments and procedures that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

In addition, the Spanish health system's digital health strategy was created in 2021, with the aim of helping to maintain a good level of health in the country's population and to strengthen the public healthcare system through the transformative power of digital technologies targeting individuals, healthcare professionals, healthcare service providers and other related players. The digital health strategy was designed to debate and work on the future and sustainability of the healthcare system, focusing on innovation and technology as the cornerstone of the new management and care model.

Aiming to create a space for reflection on this topic, New Medical Economics, together with AstraZeneca, organized an in-person discussion and working group, which was also streamed online, in which Marta Aymerich, vice president for Strategic Planning and Research and executive president of the eHealth Center, took part.

The day's work was divided into two discussion panels featuring experts from the sector: "Digital health strategy" and "Innovation: present and future".

Read the report from the working group here.

UOC experts

Photograph of Marta Aymerich Martínez

Marta Aymerich Martínez

Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research

Expert in: Translating research findings into clinical and/or public health practice; evaluating research.

Knowledge area: Public health and research policy.

Executive president of the eHealth Center

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