Mission and team

The mission of the UOC's Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences is to provide university-level, initial and lifelong e-learning, and to promote the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of psychology and education.

The department's course offering is and has to be wide-ranging and able to respond to professional and social needs at all times. Students are accompanied and aided in their learning process with an innovative teaching methodology based on intensive use of information and communication technologies and networking, which allows for the overcoming of the barriers of space and time. The training is based on the latest knowledge and research in the department's areas of specialisation.

The department's research focuses, above all, on analysis of the changes in the social sphere, in organisations, education, health and quality of life in the framework of the knowledge society.

The department has designed its course offering primarily for Catalonia, but also for the rest of Spain and further afield. With this in mind, collaborative links have been established with other UOC departments and other universities in Spain and abroad.

The department ensures accomplishment of its mission thanks to the optimal combination of teaching, research and innovation linked to leadership in the use of ICTs for pedagogical practice. 

Teresa Guasch Pascual,
Director of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences