Graduation ceremonies
9 and 30 November, 2019

There are four graduation ceremonies held in Barcelona. The one you need to sign up for depends on the course you studied.

23 November, 2019

Ceremony for graduates of all degrees.

Graduation ceremonies 2018-2019
The president's introduction

Congratulations to all the new graduates!

Presentaci del rector

I would like to congratulate you all in the name of the whole governing team, the faculty and the administrative staff here at the University for having achieved such an important personal milestone.

You placed your trust in us some time ago to help you grow both personally and professionally. Right now, having successfully overcome the challenges you set yourselves, I can proudly say that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to make progress in a complex and continually changing context.

Thank you for your trust and for having shown us once again that through extraordinary dedication and effort you can balance a working life with your education and your family. We are glad to have been able to accompany you on this journey.

The graduation ceremonies mark the perfect moment to acknowledge the work you have put in over the last few years. They are also the perfect place to come together and share, with great pride, in the end of this phase of your lives.

Nevertheless, I would not want to let this opportunity pass without encouraging you to keep in close contact with us via UOC Alumni, the network of people who not only share the fact that they studied here and have an interest in new technology, but who also look to foster and aid your personal and professional development.

See you all again very soon,

Josep A. Planell, UOC President