Research groups

Artificial Intelligence and Data for Society
Artificial Intelligence and Data for Society (AID4So)


The AI and Data for Society (AID4So) research group focuses both on the development of new methods in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and Big Data Analytics as in their application to solve research questions in the field of Data Science, Computational Social Science and Digital Humanities. The group will put the human in the centre of its research effort and thus particular focus will be given in the study and usage of ethical, sustainable and explainable methods in AI and Machine learning.


The main research lines are:

  • Theoretical research in AI and Machine Learning: Improving and developing new methods in AI and Machine Learning, with special focus on explainable methods in text generation and classification, detection of  information credibility and novel embedding techniques in graph neural networks.

  • Applied Data Science research: Using state of the art methods from Computer Science, AI and Machine Learning we work on generic data science problems while especially aiming to deepen our understanding of human behaviour, at the individual, group and societal level and in both the digital and the off-line world.
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