Cooperation and social involvement

Cooperation and social involvement

At the UOC, we promote university development cooperation to contribute towards the human development of societies through teaching and research. We support projects aimed at narrowing the educational and social divide and which seek to engage the entire university community in addressing major global and collective challenges.

How can I contribute to the cooperation projects?

At present, a large part of the funding for cooperation and social engagement activities is provided from the University's own resources, but the University community can also contribute in several ways:

  • By donating 10 euros with the enrolment fee.
  • By becoming volunteers. There are two volunteer programmes supported by the UOC (RefugeESuoc and Scratch, a UOC social project) but there are also other national and international programmes with which the UOC cooperates. The hours devoted to volunteer work are also recognised for credits for bachelor's degree students.

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What are the cooperation projects undertaken by the UOC?

These projects' goal is to strengthen higher education and research systems and guarantee social progress, sustainable development and reduce poverty and inequality. In the academic year 2016-2017, 28,086 euros were collected for the following projects and activities:

  •  RefugeESuoc: it is developed by a group of students studying for the Bachelor’s Degree in Social Education who have come together to define and vindicate the role of social education in the management of the humanitarian crisis currently blighting Europe, creating spaces, opening forward-looking opportunities for refugees and preventing discrimination, social exclusion and stigmatization.
  • Grant programme for refugees or asylum seekers: a pilot test has been launched to enable students in a situation of vulnerability due to armed conflict to continue or start their language studies. The University has activated an online mentoring and support service for new refugee students, through volunteer action by RefugeESuoc.
  • Right to Food Week: from 21 to 26 November 2016, the UOC carried out a series of initiatives to raise awareness amongst the university community of the universal right to food, the importance of not wasting food, improving nutrition and food security.
  • Scratch, a UOC social project: a tool to initiate children and young people in programming and computational thinking through play. The idea is to take Scratch to segments of the child and youth population with difficulties, without resources or at risk of exclusion, with the intention of narrowing the digital divide and reducing social, economic and gender gaps.

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