The UOC, second Spanish-speaking online educational institution in the world
Photo: UOC
Anna Torres Garrote

The UOC has been selected as the second institution in the world and the first in Europe in Spanish-speaking online education in the "ranking of Spanish-speaking online higher education institutions in the world", conducted by the Hamilton Global Intelligence market research consultancy. In the classification, which is the first time that the UOC has been assessed, over 70 university institutions in Spain, Latin America and the United States have been analysed.

The study rates the quality of education in universities and business schools that offer an MBA programme or a master's degree in Business Administration and Management. This education must be taught at least 80% online and must have been running for at least five years. In the UOC's case, the Executive MBA in International Business was assessed.

Ahead of the UOC is only the Monterrey Institute of Technology (Mexico), which has retained the position it held in 2015. The UOC is in second place internationally and first place nationally and in Europe in a classification that includes universities such as the UNIR, the European University and the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid.

In conducting the study, three sections were considered:

  • The institution (reputation, transparency and social media impact)
  • The education (offer, student monitoring and methodology)
  • The actors (quality of the faculty, employability and employment bank)

In this analysis, the UOC's Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation was in first place in the “institution” sub-ranking, in second place in the general ranking and in the “education” sub-ranking and in fifth place in the “actors” sub-ranking.

In touch with the world

To continue to be an international benchmark, the UOC strengthens its commitment to globalization. The University aims to position its education model on the international stage, cooperate with universities and institutions worldwide, increase the social impact of education and improve the quality of teaching and research.

In fact, the UOC already has a strong international presence thanks to alliances with Colombian universities such as UniAndes and Uniminuto, administrations such as the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (Colombia) and institutions such as UNESCO, UNITAR, WHO and FAO. In terms of international research, the UOC fosters Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and is involved in 57 research projects, of which it coordinates five.

The author of the ranking

Hamilton, the consultancy that conducted the ranking, works in market research and has extensive international and multi-sectoral experience, specializing in helping businesses obtain, structure and analyse information and proposing marketing solutions based on research from a global vision of the process and a strategic market perspective.