Legalization of UOC certificates and academic procedures

If you need your official UOC degree certificate or other academic documents to be valid in other Hague Convention countries, you can request this in the Procedures section of the Virtual Campus.

Previously, this type of procedure was undertaken by the Spanish ministries of Education and Justice. Now such procedures may be requested through the UOC Secretary's Office.

For certificates to be valid in a non-Hague Convention country, they must be legalized, by taking them first to the Spanish Ministry of Education and then to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can find out more on the Ministry of Education website.

Legalization certifies the authenticity of public documents. This is done only for countries that have not signed the Hague Convention. Documents issued in a Hague Convention signatory country that have been legalized may be recognized in any other signatory country with no other type of authentication required.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

From the Procedures section of the Virtual Campus, you can carry out the procedures necessary for your official UOC certificate to be valid in Hague Convention countries. To request this, you must have your certificate or the accepted application for the certificate. You will need to authorize the University, submit the required documentation and make the corresponding payment. You will receive the certificate between twelve and fourteen weeks after confirming the dispatch method.

For more information, visit the Virtual Campus: Procedures / Document requests

If you need the certificate for a UOC-certified master's degree or postgraduate programme to be valid outside Spain, you can request legalization by notary public. This procedure can take about six months. Once completed, we will notify you by email and you will receive the legalization as an annex to the certificate.

For more information, visit the Virtual Campus: Procedures / Document requests

This option lets you legalize a series of documents: the provisional certificate, personal academic transcripts, programmes of study and course plans. The procedure includes all these documents; they cannot be requested separately.

More information on the Virtual Campus: Procedures / Document requests

Payment in Instalments

You can pay for your university bachelor's degree in instalments