Sindicatura de Greuges (Ombuds office)

Sindicatura de Greuges

The síndic or síndica de greuges (ombudsman or ombudswoman) is appointed by the FUOC's Board of Trustees. Their task is to defend the rights and duties of all members of the UOC community, acting independently from all of the UOC's other bodies and authorities.

What are the Sindicatura's responsibilities?

According to the Sindicatura de Greuges' regulations, its main responsibilities are: 

  • To defend the rights and freedoms of all members of the UOC community against any action or situation of discrimination, defencelessness or arbitrariness.
  • To ensure compliance with the UOC's statutes and rules.
  • To seek to defend university quality in all spheres. 
  • To uphold the values of the UOC as a place for people's education and exchanges and creation of knowledge.

As stipulated by the UOC's organizational and operational regulations, the Sindicatura de Greuges fulfils its duties impartially, objectively and independently of the University's other bodies and authorities.

I would like to lodge a complaint or make an enquiry

Complaints must be lodged in writing, clearly and concisely, using this form. Clearly state the reasons for your complaint and the circumstances surrounding it.

To send a query, complaint or claim to the Sindicatura (ombuds office), you must be a member of the UOC community and you must include your personal details in all communications (anonymous complaints and those on behalf of third parties are not accepted). Any information disclosed to the Sindicatura will be treated confidentially and in accordance with current data protection regulations.

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