Speeches and presentations

Inaugural lecture academic year 2020-2021 by Sanjay Sarma


Venue: Online

«Never before have digital skills for all been understood as such a priority, as the cornerstone of any society that believes in fairness»

Escola Nova 21 Closing Ceremony


«In Catalonia, when  talking about concepts such as pedagogy, teaching methods and innovation, we should also talk about the long tradition of fine work led by its teachers, who have been the leading agents and drivers of change.»

Seminar: European Citizenship in the Digital Age


Venue: La Pedrera, Barcelona

«It is only once we are aware of our rights and obligations that they become revolutionary. This has happened in the most famous revolutions, when people went from subjects to citizens. And it will happen again now if we can make the EU a Europe of citizenship.»

Innovation and social challenges in Catalonia


Venue: Palau Macaya
«The transformation of our societies is a task of such immense dimension that we must do more than simply replace cogs in our social mobility systems or rely on the strengths of our leading research and knowledge transfer centres and our industrial and academic sectors.»
Alumni Annual Event 2019: «Alumni who change the world»


Venues: Casino L'Aliança del Poblenou, Barcelona; Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos,  Madrid

«If we had to say which is the best or preferred way to create knowledge, it would have to be with  people supporting each other, with collaboration and empathy.»

Next Generation by Design, DXtera


Venue: Palau Macaya, Barcelona

«Our overriding common goal can be no other than improving the quality of higher education. It's not so much about technology as it is about training and education. The normalization of AI within higher education must go further than simply having more and more apps and widgets»

Presentation of ACUP's 2018 report: "Education and Teaching Indicators in Catalan Public Universities"


Venue: University of Barcelona

«The Catalan university system's future depends on its ability to act as a hub of knowledge, on our readiness to open up to the public so as to create an impact on society»

Signing of the Government of Catalonia-Universities agreement for the victims of gender-based violence


Venue: Palau de la Generalitat, Barcelona

«When we stare into the abyss of gender-based violence we also note this mixture of feelings: satisfaction at having adopted measures in the right direction,
such as today, and the dissatisfaction of not yet having done enough, because there is still more to do»

Sharing Cities Summit


Venue: MediaTIC Auditorium

«Today, the word 'network' has become a catch-all, a concept that inevitably arises when talking about both the immediate present and the distant future.»

Graduation Ceremony 2018


Venue: L'Auditori, Barcelona

«As UOC graduates you stand out because, along with the digital competencies expected of you, you have also acquired other values held in high esteem, such as time management, organizational capacity and teamwork»