Speeches and presentations

Opening ceremony of ISEA2022


Venue: Ajuntament de Barcelona

«The question is not being an emerging power, but being a driving
force for the economy, industry and the arts»

Presentation of the Digital Impulse Hub


«The digital transformation is a rising tide, capable of lifting all boats, from transatlantic vessels, i.e. the big multinationals, to the varied fleet made up of small and medium sized Catalan businesses, also including the manufacturing industry, engineering and commerce.»

Graduation ceremonies for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 courses


«Congratulations to all of you and thank you for shaping the spirit of the UOC. For being restless, for being demanding with us and with yourselves. For your critical spirit and your ethical values. For taking an active role in your education and for your drive to learn in spite of the difficulties. For being open-minded. And, in general, for shaping this university: the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.»
Inaugural lecture: Francesca Bria


Venue: Auditori Can Jaumandreu, Barcelona

«As the world's first online university, technology has been our ally for the last 25 years; an ally that will help us forge our path into the future; and, above all, an ally throughout the pandemic that allowed us to rise to the challenge of maintaining our teaching, research and administrative activities without sacrificing our levels of excellence.»

Presentation of the President Gabriel Ferraté Award


Venue: Saló de Cròniques, Barcelona City Hall.

"The Red Maze project makes a timely appearance for two reasons. Not only is it more needed than ever, but it also exemplifies the UPC and the UOC's joint commitment – with the support of Barcelona City Council and the close involvement of our incubated company BeChallenge – to tackle specific social challenges through digital transformation. 

Spin UOC 2021


Venue: Former Estrella Damm brewery, Barcelona

«We need more and better technology, among other reasons, to
stitch up the rips and tears that weaken our economy and society
and distance us from the horizon of equity and prosperity»

20 years of the IN3


Venue: Institutional venue of the Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona

«In these first twenty years, the IN3 has consolidated its position of leading research not only within but also beyond the UOC, especially in the field of the Network Society»

Inaugural lecture academic year 2020-2021 by Sanjay Sarma


Venue: Online

«Never before have digital skills for all been understood as such a priority, as the cornerstone of any society that believes in fairness»

Escola Nova 21 Closing Ceremony


«In Catalonia, when  talking about concepts such as pedagogy, teaching methods and innovation, we should also talk about the long tradition of fine work led by its teachers, who have been the leading agents and drivers of change.»

Seminar: European Citizenship in the Digital Age


Venue: La Pedrera, Barcelona

«It is only once we are aware of our rights and obligations that they become revolutionary. This has happened in the most famous revolutions, when people went from subjects to citizens. And it will happen again now if we can make the EU a Europe of citizenship.»