Speeches and presentations

Sharing Cities Summit


Venue: MediaTIC Auditorium

«Today, the word 'network' has become a catch-all, a concept that inevitably arises when talking about both the immediate present and the distant future.»

Graduation Ceremony 2018


Venue: L'Auditori, Barcelona

«As UOC graduates you stand out because, along with the digital competencies expected of you, you have also acquired other values held in high esteem, such as time management, organizational capacity and teamwork»

Madrid Alumni 2018: 'Tuning in to gender realities'


Venue: Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid

«Inequalities between men and women must be understood as structural and systemic deviations»

Ceremony to award honorary doctorate to Manuel Borja-Villel


Lloc: Llotja de Mar, Barcelona

«In this respect, the career and vision of Dr Borja-Villel is a spur to explore a path that no one better than him exemplifies: the ability to think “outside the box”, to see opportunities where others only see obstacles»

Opening of the 24th JENUI conference on teaching computer science in universities (JENUI 2018)


Venue: CosmoCaixa

«We need innovation and good practices, but what's more we need these contributions to travel, to reach people, to be absorbed and then shared, so their impact is multiplied»

Inauguration of the 10th International Conference on University Teaching & Innovation CIDUI 2018

Venue: Palau de Congressos de Girona

«Our survival as centres for higher education and research is not based on tradition, but on our ability to set ourselves apart through quality, adaptability and creativity»

Barcelona Alumni 2018: Tuning in to gender realities


Venue: Petit Palau, Palau de la Música

«When the UOC establishes one of its goals for 2020 as strengthening the gender perspective as a value, we must do so looking both inwards and outwards»

#SpinUOC 2018: annual UOC community entrepreneurship and transfer event


Venue: Antiga fàbrica Estrella Damm

«The continued success shows how this idea, which arose in 2013, satisfied a latent need: to provide an informal meeting space to turn ideas into realities»

2nd Mobile Journalism Conference (MoJo BCN) 2018


Venue: Movistar Center Barcelona

«The relationship between universities and business, universities and professionals, requires forums such as MoJo, where approaches are combined, experiences shared, and future lines of research and development presented and assessed»

Opening address at RedOTRI Conference 2018


Venue: Vèrtex building

«We need to make a firm commitment to understanding research as an integrated, social concept along the lines established by open science»