"The UOC, as a digital model, has the technology as a part of all of its processes"


TV3,  Tot es mou

Josep A. Planell, interviewed on TV3

«If you are capable of studying online, you are also capable of working online» (in Catalan)


8 TV; 8 al dia, with Josep Cuní

Josep Cuní interviews President Planell.

Cambra Tarragona TV
«Online education is a key tool in attaining quality at low cost» (in Catalan)


Cambra de Comerç de Tarragona TV

Josep A. Planell, President of the UOC, on Bon dia Tarragona.

Barcelona Televisió
«Distance learning is not a second-class education for second-class people» (in Catalan)


BTV; Notícies matí

BTV interviews the President to mark the UOC's 20th anniversary.

«Gabriel Ferraté decided to create a made-to-measure distance university» (in Catalan)


Televisió de Catalunya, TV3; Els matins de TV3

Lídia Heredia interviews the UOC President to mark the University's 20th anniversary.

Televisió de Girona
«The fact that the UOC is an online university doesn't mean that there is no interaction with the geographical area it serves» (in Catalan)


Televisió de Girona; Notícies vespre; «L’entrevista»

President participates in the "Sense ficció: Inversió de futur" episode of the TV programme. (appearance: 20'56") (in Catalan)


TV3, Sense ficció; episode “Inversió de futur”

Science populizer Pere Estupinyà speaks with representatives from the business, research, political and academic worlds.

Lleida Televisió
«We have sixty thousand students; many of them have already completed previous courses at the UOC» (in Catalan)


Televisió de Lleida; Lleida al dia; «L’entrevista»

La 2
«Integrating ICT in education must represent a change in teaching practices» (in Spanish)


RTVE; La Aventura del Saber

Interview with the President from RTVE's show La Aventura del Saber.