Shaping the sharing city. Practices and policies in two metropolis

The research group Digital Commons (DiMMONS) of the IN3 is pleased to invite you to the open research seminar "Shaping the sharing city. Practices and policies in two metropolis" by Monica Bernardi, urban sociologist, Ph.D. in Information Society and Research Fellow at the Milano-Bicocca University.


Room -1A/B, Castelldefels building
Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss, 5
08860 Castelldefels


29/04/2019 15.00h

Organized by

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Research group DiMMONS of the IN3



Cities are more and more interested in the phenomenon of the sharing economy since it is having high impacts in different urban fields, from house shortages and loss of identities of whole areas, to effects on the labour market and so on.… The relation with the big players is as much important as the support to new experiences emerging from the bottom and the debate around platform capitalism and platform cooperativism is gaining a growing attention. How a city decides to consider the phenomenon and the type of policies and strategies it chooses to implement may have a significant impact on the urban tissue. The seminar will present the research conducted on the governance model adopted in two cities considered to be in the vanguard with respect to many aspects of sharing: Milan and Seoul. The research draws on two literature streams: the sharing paradigm as the foundation of the emerging concept of the sharing city (McLaren and Agyeman, 2015), and the urban governance approach in the collaborative version outlined by Foster and Iaione (2016). The two are here combined to develop a preliminary conceptual model and to identify, through case studies, how the local governments of Milan and Seoul govern the sharing economy to create a sharing ecosystem and build a sharing city.

Language of the seminar: English


Monica Bernardi is an urban sociologist, Ph.D. in Information Society, Research Fellow at the Milano-Bicocca University, Department of Sociology and Social Research. Her main research focus are smart city, sharing city, social innovation, sharing economy and the governance models that favor the creation of a sharing ecosystem in the urban tissue, with a special focus on the role of the public administration. During the Ph.D. she deepened the topic of the sharing economy investigating its evolution and features, and she studied the governance model implemented in the creation of a sharing city, analyzing the case of Milan and Seoul. Freelancer editor for LabGov/Urban Media Lab on the topic of the sharing economy; member of the “Register of Experts and Operators of the Sharing Economy in Milan”, Municipality of Milan, Milan Sharing City Project; member of the association “MilanoIN. Innovare X Includere”, laboratory of public policies.


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