GlobaLS at the American Comparative Literature Association's Annual Meeting

Neus Rotger (researcher), Aina Vidal-Pérez (pre-doctoral researcher), Ainamar Clariana (pre-doctoral researcher) and Pablo Suárez-Mansilla (pre-doctoral researcher) from the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute’s (IN3) Global Literary Studies Research Group (GlobaLS) will participate in the annual conference of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA).


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08/04/2021 - 11/04/2021

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American Comparative Literature Association


Marta Puxan-Oliva and Jorge J. Locane – both of whom regularly collaborate with GlobaLS – will coordinate the Beyond Illness and Literature: A Global Approach panel, to take place on Friday 9 April, where Neus Rotger will give a presentation titled "The Novel of Confinement" and Marta Puxan-Oliva will present "Global Affiliations, Institutions, and Illness: Desolating Tensions".

On Friday 9 April, Aina Vidal-Pérez will participate in the National and Regional Dimension of Mediterranean Studies panel with a presentation titled "Natural and Exploited. The Environmental Crisis in Donna Leon's Earthly Remains".

Also on Saturday 10 April, Ainamar Clariana will be participating in the Translation and Cultural Mediation: New Approaches to Women Intellectuals of Early 20th Century Spain panel, giving a presentation titled "María Luz Morales Godoy as a cultural mediator in the emergence of a Spanish film culture".

And on Friday 9 April, Pablo Suárez-Mansilla will be taking part in the Cinemodernism: Modernist Writing with Cinema panel with a talk titled "Escritura sobre cine en el espacio hispano-lusófono durante el primer tercio del siglo XX".

You can view the full conference programme here.