Business Management

Work, Knowledge and Subjective Wellbeing

Doctoral School; Faculty of Economics and Business

Author: Clara Viñas Bardolet
Programme: Doctoral School; Faculty of Economics and Business
Language:  English
Supervisors: Dr Monica Guillen Royo; Dr Joan Torrent Sellens
Faculty / Institute: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Economia del coneixement; Economia de la felicitat; Economia del benestar. Organització del treball.

Key words: Job satisfaction; Life satisfaction; Domains-of-life satisfaction; Knowledge work; ICT use; Working conditions; Work organization; Work–life balance; Europe.

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This thesis examines how work characteristics affect life satisfaction in Europe – more specifically, How do jobs and current work characteristics associated with the increased use of ICTs affect job satisfaction and life satisfaction in Europe?
The conclusions provide insights that are relevant not only for academia, but also for company organizations, human resources management and policy makers. First, this thesis notes the importance of distinguishing by type of workers concerning wellbeing. Second, the findings show that income plays a relatively small role in all domains of satisfaction. Rather, factors related to working conditions and work organization should be incorporated in job contracts. Third, the effects of ICT are that they moderate the role of the determinants of job satisfaction. Finally, the thesis shows that working life characteristics affect satisfaction with most domains of life. For example, the increasing insecurity in the job market and the challenges experienced by EU workers in achieving a good work–life balance correlate negatively with satisfaction in every domain of life.