The governing structure of the Doctoral School is comprised of the Management Committee and the academic committees of the three doctoral programmes.

This is comprised of the director of the Doctoral School as president and the coordinators of each of the doctoral programmes, as well as one administration manager with a say but no voting rights.

President: Dr David Masip

Committee Members:

  • Dr Elena Barber
  • Dr Ferran Adelantado
  • Dr Joan Pujolar
  • Ms Marga Franco

These are comprised of the programme coordinator and a lecturer representing each discipline or speciality, as well as one member of the administration staff with a say but no voting rights.

Doctoral degree in Education and ICT (e-learning)

  • Barber, Elena (coordinator)
  • Daradoumis, Atanasi
  • Gonzlez, Francesc
  • Graera, Gisela
  • Lalueza, Ferran
  • Prez, Antoni
  • Sangr, Albert
  • Vall-llovera, Montse

Doctoral degree in the Information and Knowledge Society

  • Pujolar Cos, Joan (coordinator)
  • Aranda Juarez, Daniel
  • Cant Mil, Natlia
  • Cardenal Izquierdo, Ana Sofia
  • Espasa Roca, Anna
  • Huertas Snchez, M.Antonia
  • March Corbella, Hug
  • Martinez Zorrilla, David
  • Pousada Fernndez, Modesta
  • Rimbau Gilabert, Eva

Doctorate in Information and Network Technologies

The UOC Doctoral School staff includes the director, the doctoral programme and academic board coordinators, thesis supervisors and doctoral student tutors. 

The staff also includes UOC Doctoral School grantholders, and other grantholders, studying on the doctoral programmes full-time and on-site at the University. The Doctoral School's administrative staff take care of the day-to-day running of the school's activities and programmes.

  • Dr David Masip, director of the Doctoral School
  • Dr Elena Barber, coordinator of the Education and ICT (e-learning) doctoral programme
  • Dr Ferran Adelantado, coordinator of the Network and Information Technologies doctoral programme
  • Dr Joan Pujolar, coordinator of the Information and Knowledge Society doctoral programme
  • ​Marga Franco, programme manager
  • Isabel Carol, management specialist
  • Agns Requena, academic administrator
  • Roger Toms, academic administrator