Apply for a UOC grant

Selection of candidates for UOC-Doctoral School grants

Candidates, when applying, have to indicate in the corresponding section whether they also wish to apply for the UOC-Doctoral School grant programme. All candidates will be reviewed by the academic committee for the programme they are applying for, whether or not they apply for a grant.

The academic committee will make a list of up to ten candidates applying for grants and five substitutes ordered in terms of the assessment system set for each programme. Candidates applying for a grant must have a score higher than the benchmarks set in each case.

The Management Committee will receive a list of candidates for grants for each programme and will mark them (between a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 0) in accordance with the assessment criteria set. The Management Committee will produce one single list from the three separate lists.

The Management Committee will send this list of a maximum of 25 candidates for grants, ordered alphabetically, to the University’s research centres, with the corresponding research lines and thesis supervisor or tutor. The research centres will mark the three candidates that best fit their research lines strategically (the highest mark being 5, then 3 and then 1).

The Management Committee will order the candidates for grants in terms of their overall marks. Finally, the list of candidates for grants and substitutes will be sent to the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research for approval, as required.