Thesis proposal Researchers Research group

Digital transformation, automation and artificial intelligence 

Predictors, complementary factors and economic and business results (productivity, exports, innovation, gross margin, work, remuneration) of the technological waves linked to digitization and automation.

Dr Joan Torrent i2TIC

Sharing economies and platform work

Motivations, behaviour, economic and business models and effects of the different forms of sharing (obtaining goods and services, providing work) in peer-to-peer exchanges.    

Dr Joan Torrent i2TIC

Social responsibility

Motivations and responsible behaviour (diverse stakeholders), especially in relation to SME activity, and resulting impacts.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Ethics and fairness in business.

Dr Lluís Garay

Labour economics, technological change and labour market 

Impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on employment and salaries. Education economics.

Dr Josep Lladós

Dr Joan Torrent

Dr Elisabet Motellón



Ecological economics

Analysis of environmental conflicts linked to economic development and social metabolism.
Climate change and economic development:  adaptation and mitigation.
Dr. Hug March TURBA

Political economy of water

Processes of privatization, re-municipalization of water management and infrastructure.
Factors determining domestic water consumption.
Dr. Hug March TURBA

Geographies of digital capitalism 

Dr Ramon Ribera Fumaz TURBA

International Economics

Trade, finance and international economic policy 
Dr Josep Lladós DigiBiz

Global value chains

Changes in international distribution of value added.
International production fragmentation strategies.

Dr Josep Lladós

Dr Antoni Meseguer