Mission and team


Mission and vision
The UOC's Faculty of Health Sciences offers people lifelong learning programmes in the field of health and well-being. It contributes to the progress of individuals and society as a whole, while advancing our knowledge in a wide range of different social and healthcare settings. The programmes make the most of the UOC's educational model, which is based on online learning, personalization and constant support for students. The faculty's main aims also include developing first-rate research and innovation in the field of health sciences.
The Faculty of Health Sciences aims to:
Lead the way in accredited educational programmes and online university innovation in health sciences both nationally and internationally.
Become the benchmark for continuing education and professional development with seminars and refresher courses that have the university's seal of quality. The faculty's programmes are based on the UOC's unique educational model that places students at the centre and provides them with high-quality content to contribute to the progress of both individuals and society in general.
Be at the cutting edge of transdisciplinary and translational research in the faculty's strategic areas.
Foster alliances and synergies with the leading institutions, organizations and research groups in the field of health sciences to promote knowledge building and transfer.
Training the next generation of healthcare professionals
The aim is to make the most of the UOC's e-learning experience and resources to support healthcare professionals with their continuing education needs by providing them with effective, efficient and top-quality educational content. We offer programmes for early-career professionals looking to make a start in the health sector, as well as dynamic, up-to-date and flexible content for the continuing education of healthcare professionals throughout their careers.
Our current range of programmes covers fields as diverse as food, nutrition and physical activity; ageing; speech therapy; neuropsychology; digital health; planetary health, or medical social work.
We are committed to helping students and practitioners who turn to the UOC so that they can make use of new technologies and to developing the dynamic content needed by the next generation of clinicians, managers, academics and researchers who will lead change in the health sector.
Salvador Macip Maresma
Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences