Mission and team


We train the new health professionals

Our aim is to make good use of the UOC's online teaching experience and resources to help health professionals meet their lifelong learning needs by offering them effective, efficient and high quality educational content.

Our courses seek to integrate the different aspects of clinical practice, healthcare management and research based on questions currently being asked by society, with health promotion, disease prevention, quality of life optimization and community wellbeing as their focus.

We do not work alone. Our work methodology seeks the confluence of interests and the specific integration of the various agents involved in healthcare, including public administrations and health promotion agencies, private industry, international bodies, scientific societies, high-profile clinical, management and research professionals and many more professionals, to identify and understand the complex and rapidly changing challenges to health and to develop appropriate solutions.

We offer learning options for new professionals looking to join the health sector and dynamic, up-to-date and flexible content for lifelong learning for practising professionals.

Our offer currently includes such wide-ranging areas as telemedicine; nutrition and food systems; health centre planning, design and facilities; health resources management, and ICT systems, as well as bespoke courses with different clinical and technological content.

Our commitment is to help the students and professionals who come to the UOC to use new technologies and develop the dynamic content needed to create clinics, managers, academics and researchers to spearhead change in the health sector.