There are countless English language resources available online and they are constantly evolving. If you are unsure about which you might use, we have a recommended resources guide – compiled in tandem by the UOC Library and the Language Service – with all sorts of reference works and tools to help address English language doubts.


The precursor to this website was a publication covering both English grammar and UOC style guidelines. The most recent edition has just the grammar part, with chapters on spelling, punctuation, morphology and syntax.


In general, the UOC adheres to the British English spellings and definitions provided by the Oxford Dictionary of English (3 ed.), which is linked below. To access it, sign in via your institution (e.g. the UOC, another university, or your local library).

The contents of the same dictionary have been licensed to Google, so you can also see them by searching define followed by the word in question.

Where American English is required, for example in certain publications, you can refer to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

Xarxes Vives publications:

The UOC Language Service works with the language services of other Catalan universities to share and agree upon coherent standards and criteria in its different working languages. The following publications have arisen from these collaborations.