Administrative staff

“At the UOC I've met many colleagues willing to help me and pass their knowledge along”

Marta Trigueros
Marta Trigueros, supplier payment and invoicing management

Marta Trigueros coordinates supplier payment and invoicing management; she's been working at the UOC for 20 years and has grown personally and professionally. She enjoys making proposals for improvement and adapting to the regular changes introduced at the university. It is no surprise when she says that, in her opinion the UOC is... what I really enjoy.

What does your work consist of? What functions and responsibilities do you have?
I'm currently coordinating the work, not the people, in the supplier payment and invoicing team. My work consists of monitoring tasks and proposing improvement circuits, establishing procedures regarding how we work, trying to help others so that their work is more streamlined.
How do you describe your working day to your family?
When they ask me what I do, I say I develop procedures for processes, see that our whole circuit works properly; if there are incidents, I'm there to solve them, propose improvement circuits, monitor people's tasks... In the end, we make the improvement proposals jointly. For instance, if a colleague sees me and says that their task has lot of manual aspects, we study it from start to finish and see how we can improve it so the procedure becomes much more automatic.
What's the best thing about your work at the UOC?
The best thing about my work is the freedom you have, within certain limits, to make a lot of improvement proposals. Tou are given a lot of autonomy in this respect. If you're prepared to improve procedures and contribute something new, at the very least they'll listen to you. Whether it gets done or not is another matter, but at least it's an option.
How would you define your career at the UOC?
When I joined I spent eight hours a day filing invoices, because it was highly manual at that time, and now I manage the coordination of a group's work. So my career has been very successful. I've met many colleagues willing to help me and pass their knowledge along, which has helped me greatly in learning about the activity in my work.
Can you remember a special day or moment at the UOC you are particularly fond of?
Well, there have been many. It's been many years. Among the most important moments, I'd highlight when you receive recognition for the hard work you have been doing.
What would you highlight about the UOC compared to other organizations?
Its flexibility. You aren't worried, if your son gets ill, about phoning and saying you can't go to the office that day so you'll work from home.
Tell us about this balance between work and personal life.
It is very important for me, everything depends on how much you prioritize this issue. But even if you don't have kids, it's still an important matter, like being able to go to the doctor. There's no problem with striking a balance.
What do you think a person needs if they are to work at the UOC?
I'd highly recommend it as an organization to people with ideas, who enjoy innovating, who don't like doing the same thing all the time. Because there are always changes, there are always new projects. If you like adapting to change, if you like regular variations in your work, then this is the ideal place.
What do you think the UOC’s values are?
Obviously flexibility, along with respect, commitment and transparency.
In your opinion, the UOC is...
My ideal job. It's like my home. Maybe because I've been working here for 20 years, I started when I was very young, I know it very well, I know my job inside and out... If you are curious and enjoy learning, it gives you something back in return.