Sindicatura de Greuges (Ombuds office)

Contacting the Sindicatura de Greuges

The Regulations for the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Sindicatura de Greuges (ombuds office) cover the procedures for and handling of the complaints received by this office. Before making an enquiry, complaint or appeal to the Sindicatura, please bear in mind the following:

  • The person making the complaint must be a member of the UOC university community.
  • Complaints, enquiries and suggestions must be presented by the interested party in writing, and include their name, surname, email address, proof of identity (ID card, passport or equivalent), link to the UOC and reasoned explanation for the complaint.
  • This document must be simple, direct and concise, and respectful in tone. Likewise, where applicable, it must detail the procedures undertaken with the university’s administration and be accompanied by any documentation that may make the case clearer.
  • Anonymous complaints will not be accepted, nor will those with insufficient basis or merit, or all those that would prejudice the legitimate rights of a third party.
  • The time between the event for which the complaint is made and its presentation in writing to the UOC Sindicatura must not exceed three months.
  • Complaints will not admitted that have not exhausted all the channels for their resolution provided by the UOC, such as the Complaint Service or Student Services.
  • Complaints will not be admitted when the same issue is pending legal resolution.

You need to take all these points into account to ensure that your complaint will be admitted and, thus, save yourself time and unnecessary work.

The confidentiality of the personal details and information received by the UOC Sindicatura from people requesting intervention, and all that obtained during its investigations, is guaranteed. These data will be handled in compliance with the data protection regulations in force.

Sindicatura de Greuges

Regulations of the Sindicatura de Greuges (in Spanish)