The Chair

The Linguamón-UOC Chair in Multilingualism arose as the result of a November 2006 agreement between the Casa de les Llengües and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya on cooperating in the promotion of a concept of language diversity that is sustainable, fair and functional. The partnership is set within the context of the European Union’s multilingualism strategies, whose most important actions include the founding of networks of university chairs dedicated to the subject.


Part of the UOC Arts and Humanities Studies, and more specifically of its philology course, the Chair’s purpose is to promote research, training and documentation into and of multilingualism as a means of social and economic development.


Its activities therefore aim to promote international cooperation between research and teaching staff in the field, interdisciplinary discussion and analysis of trends in language diversity within the context of globalisation, the creation and dissemination of knowledge and proposals that help optimise the effects of multilingualism, and academic education in the diverse aspects of multilingualism.