The UOC starts up its international virtual mobility programme with seven hundred Colombian students
Photo: Flickr / genesys34 (CC)
Guida Fullana

The UOC is collaborating with Colombian university Uniminuto in an international mobility programme. Thanks to these joint efforts, 706 students from the Latin American country will be studying and learning at our University this semester. This is the highest number of students in an international exchange to be managed by the UOC to date, and is the first mobility programme to stem from an inter-university agreement.

As the director of Internships and Mobility Services, Vernica Tercero, explains, "up until now, all exchange students came from the Erasmus programme or from international networks such as CINDA or AUIP".

These students are currently enrolled at Bogot's Uniminuto on degree courses in Business Administration, Financial Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management, Public Accounting, Social Communication, Psychology, and Child Education. This being an online mobility programme, they will be able to study the courses from their own country without having to move.

Keeping to the programmes of studies of both universities, the students will take one of the following UOC courses: Communications Psychology, Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Principles of Intervention in Education or Developmental Psychology. Once they have passed the course, Uniminuto will validate it.

An increasingly global UOC

The UOC aims to establish long-term academic and research collaboration agreements with foreign universities, beyond the scope of mere commercial relationships.

Gemma Xarles, director of Globalization and Cooperation, highlights that one of the lines of work within the UOC's new globalization strategy is to encourage skills that help students to be global citizens and professionals, and in this respect, "mobility and exchange are a way of working towards this".

According to Pastora Martnez Samper, Vice President for Globalization and Cooperation, «this agreement with Uniminuto is a clear example of how we want to put into practice the UOC's new globalization strategy: through agreements with strategic partners that lead to different collaboration programmes and formulas, for both teaching and research". She added that "you cannot have globalization without cooperation" and "we want to establish relationships with universities in other countries that will result in an improvement in educational quality on both sides, entailing academic benefits for students at both universities and contributing to the professional and global development of all those involved".