Dive into Science Week with UOC researchers
In-depth articles on research in eLearning, eHealth, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and ICT

Research is a priority for the UOC and central to its activities. The University fosters research, transfer and innovation in online learning and in the impact of technology on any discipline or activity. Specifically, its research activity focuses on social sciences, health sciences, the arts and humanities, and information and communication technologies. The research is developed at its faculties and three specialist centres – Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3), eLearn Center (eLC) and eHealth Center (eHC).

How does this research reach society and individuals? UOC researchers generate knowledge through scientific research and then aim to share and transfer this knowledge in a number of ways – through the marketing of their smart solution to an existing problem, working their magic in organizations, sharing knowledge at conferences, collaborating in international research projects, discussing science at the cinema, publishing their research in repositories, journals or general interest articles. If you want to find out more about the research done at the UOC, our researchers look to publish their output in open access so that anyone who is interested can access the information and data without restrictions. Dive into the UOC’s O2 repository.

Sharing scientific knowledge

This series is offered by researchers, science communicators and academic staff working together to bring you into closer contact with science. The Dive into Science Week with UOC researchers series combines the UOC’s online expertise and the offline events organized for Science Week to create an online slow-reading experience. For Science Week 2017, 10 to 19 November, we’ll share scientific knowledge on eLearning, eHealth, Digital Humanities, and ICT in Social Science through in-depth articles on the following European-funded research projects:


The central theme for Science Week in Catalonia 2017 is sustainable tourism, coinciding with 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. With this in mind, the Dive into Science Week with UOC researchers series opens with IDEATE, a European-funded research project on sustainable tourism and high-quality jobs.