Enrolment withdrawal

Withdrawal consists of the full cancellation of enrolment and the right to a full refund, provided that your withdrawal is requested within 14 calendar days of completing enrolment.

Once the withdrawal process is complete, you will be able to re-apply for enrolment via the Virtual Campus.

Consequences of withdrawal

If you exercise your right to withdraw from enrolment, the University will reimburse all payments you have made within a maximum period of 14 calendar days, counting from the date on which you requested to withdraw.

In order for us to process your refund, it is essential you keep your bank details updated on the Virtual Campus. To view your bank details on the Virtual Campus go to Personal area / Bank details.

If when enrolling, you chose to pay by direct debit and have already been charged, you need to contact your bank and ask them for reimbursement. If not, the UOC will carry out the necessary procedures to refund you, once the 56 days set by the banking regulations have passed, without this leading to any further liability for the University.