Students' representative bodies

The UOC's Organizational and Operational Regulations provide for students' participation in the University's life: through their own organizations (Student Council and course committees) and through membership of the University Council, the University community's highest representative body.

As a student, you can play an important role in how the University works. This video shows you the bodies you can join to do so.
What is the Student Council?

The University's Student Council is the students' highest body of representation, deliberation, consultation and advice. Its main functions include:

  • Representing students as a whole before the University's governing bodies, and also in the inter-university liaising and coordination bodies where students are represented.
  • Providing a channel for expressing students' aspirations, requests and proposals, and promote, coordinate and advocate their concerns, rights and interests.
  • Taking part in the evaluations of the University's services.
  • Advising students, protecting their interests, and listening to and resolving on issues raised by their representatives.

The Student Council brings together the student representatives chosen by vote and is also responsible for designating a student representative for the University's Governing Council, and also for designating student representatives for each of the UOC's faculties that are members of the University Council. 

You can find out who the Council's members are and contact them in the Campus section More UOC / Take part! / Representatives.

How can I take part in improving the students' situation?

The UOC's Organizational and Operational Regulations provide for the creation of course committees as the students' participatory body in the faculties' day-to-day operations. The aim is to guarantee that students' opinions, interests and input effectively contribute to improving the institution.

The main issues that these committees are concerned with are the study programmes, the courses' functioning, or the assessment and improvement of the teaching materials, among others.

In the More UOC / Take part! / Representatives section on Campus, you can find the  committee corresponding to your faculty and send proposals to the appropriate representatives.

Furthermore, if you have any question or complaint about any aspect of the University, you can contact the Sindicatura de Greuges directly.

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