Equality Unit

The Equality Unit, established in 2008, is responsible for the implementation of gender equality policies at the university.

The unit's primary task is to ensure equal treatment and opportunities for women and men and LGTBI people, and to combat situations involving sexual harassment and discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression.

What exactly does the Equality Unit do?

The Equality Unit's work involves the following strategies:

  1. It designs the UOC's equality plans, and ensures they are correctly implemented through follow-up and assessment.
  2. It draws up gender equality analysis reports, which assess life at the UOC from a gender perspective.
  3. It advises the various academic and administrative bodies on gender equality policy issues.
  4. It proposes and promotes measures that enable teaching, research, knowledge transfer and administration with the gender perspective.
  5. It works to ensure that the statistics provided by the UOC concerning its work in all areas are broken down by sex.
  6. It carries out awareness-raising, education and training on gender issues, sexual diversity and equal opportunities for women and men.
  7. It monitors the university's communications and dissemination of news to ensure they include the gender perspective and sexual diversity and promote women's representation.
  8. It anticipates any discrimination on the grounds of sex, gender identity or sexual orientation at the UOC, and works to eradicate it.
  9. It promotes measures that encourage the equal representation of women and men in all areas of the university, and the coordinated application of the UOC's equality policies.
  10. It participates in and collaborates with university networks specializing in gender and sexual diversity issues.
How can you contact the Equality Unit?

The main contact channel is the email

To file a complaint about a situation of sexual harassment and/or discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, you can also use the Co-Resol tool, the consultation and complaints channel of the UOC (available only in Spanish and Catalan).

The data and information received by the Equality Unit are treated confidentially and in accordance with current regulations on data protection.

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