Economic Analysis of the Tourism Sector

We welcome proposals focussing on the economic dimensions of tourism in the context of urban and regional development, touristic mobility and new economic models (for example the sharing economy or the circular economy). 

Thesis Proposals


Research Groups

L2.1 Tourism's economic structure (Regional economic analysis)

* Online capitalism and the regional geographies of global production networks in the tourism sector

Dr. Ramon Ribera Fumaz


L2.3 Air transport and access to tourism

* Aviation and environmental impact.

* Air connectivity and accessibility. Especially in terms of a) remote regions and b) competition in global markets
* Public policy and market regulation regarding air transportation.
* How digital transformation affects the passenger experience and the management of airline companies.

Dr. Pere Suau-Sanchez


L2.5 Collaborative Economy and Tourism

 * An analysis of the transformations being developed by the sharing economy in terms of touristic spaces and their effects on the development, competition and sustainability of touristic destinations on different scales and in different contexts. Proposals should be based on new analytical and conceptual frameworks and innovative methodologies which can be used to analyse and understand the sharing economy within the context of tourism, with a view to addressing this phenomenon from a multi-scale and comparative perspective.