Intelligence in the Tourist Field. ICTs and Data Analysis

Smart Systems in the Tourism Sector. ICT and data Analysis

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Thesis Proposals


 Research Groups  

L5.3 The digitalization of processes and experiences

* Technology's influence on tourists' experience 
This line of research will analyse how technology could influence the development of tourists' experiences and its role as a catalyst for change in tourist behaviour. The research will focus on analysing how far technology is embraced by its users, how co-created experiences are made possible thanks to the incorporation of technology, and the restrictions, limits and negative impacts that technology could have on the touristic experience (over-dependency, reduced face-to-face interaction, risk to privacy, lack of spontaneity, information overload, etc).
* Smart tourism destinations
This line of research is focused on the analysis on so-called 'smart tourism destinations', their effects on transforming spaces in touristic destinations, their management models and how they contribute to competition in tourism destinations. The analysis will take a critical standpoint in relation to the techno-centric focus and position itself in favour of sustainability and its integration into models of territorial development based on territorial intelligence.