Mission and team

The UOC's Faculty of Economics and Business strives to be a benchmark online, locally and globally in the development of people's skills throughout life so that they can fill the role of leaders of change and social commitment that businesses and organizations need to be able to adapt to the new challenges they face.

The following are the qualifications adapted to the EHEA for academic year 2009-2010:

  • Degree in Business Administration and Management
  • Degree in Economics
  • Degree in Market Research and Techniques
  • Degree in Tourism
  • Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention

In academic year 2010-2011, a degree in Labour Relations and Employment, an official master's degree in Economic Environment Analysis and another in Organizational Management in the Knowledge Economy are to be offered for the first time.

M. Jesús Martínez Argüelles
Director, Faculty of Economics and Business