Mission and vision


The IN3’s mission is perfectly aligned with that of the UOC, which is as follows:

“The UOC is an innovative university, rooted in Catalonia and open to the world. It offers people lifelong learning, to help them and society advance, while carrying out research on knowledge society. Its educational model is based on personalization and the accompaniment of the student through e-learning.”

Similarly, the IN3’s mission refers to research on the knowledge society (network society) and places transversality and interdisciplinarity in the foreground, giving special emphasis to interaction between the human and engineering sciences and establishing social progress as a major research goal.



Similarly, the IN3’s vision is aligned with that of the UOC, as cited below:

“The UOC aims to be a university that, by being connected to the network of the world’s universities, drives the creation of a global knowledge space and cutting-edge research in the knowledge society. The UOC has an innovative educational model that focuses on the student. The University offers them a top-quality and personalized education that helps them to be more competitive and contributes to the progress of society.”

The IN3’s values coincide with those of the University, specifically: commitment, respect, transparency, professionalism and sustainability.