Strategic goals

6. Strategic Objectives

In line with the institutional priorities of the UOC's new strategic plan, the IN3 aims to contribute to the process of consolidating the UOC's research to make it attractive, excellent, innovative and socially relevant. 

This general aim materializes in the following specific strategic objectives: 

  1. To consolidate the IN3 as a centre of excellence and international prestige in the field of research into digital society. 
  2. To contribute to the deployment of an interdisciplinary R&I ecosystem, especially between social sciences, humanities and engineering (or technology designer/developers).
  3. To consolidate the IN3's role as a hub for open knowledge and knowledge exchange with society.
  4. To develop a responsible research assessment model for the IN3. 
  5. To contribute to equity, respect for diversity and gender equality.
  6. To continue with the development, implementation and improvement of research support processes, ways of working, and the attraction, retention and development of internal and external talent.