Executive summary and elevator pitch


This document presents the IN3’s Strategic Plan 2016-2021. This Plan is perfectly aligned with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya’s 2017-2020 strategic priorities:

  • Reinvent ourselves through talent.
  • Become a benchmark in cross-disciplinary learning and knowledge.
  • Make a real social impact.

The following sections present the Institute’s roadmap for the coming years. It begins with an elevator pitch and a precise explanation of the IN3’s mission and vision, including a description of strategic goals and indicators to measure achievement levels.

Other sections of the document include an analysis of the Institute’s research topic (the network society) and the team available to carry out this Plan.

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The Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) is a UOC research centre specializing in the study of the network society. IN3 research connects engineering – especially computer and telecommunications engineering – with social sciences, life sciences, human sciences, the arts and, in general, all those disciplines that study human activity. Therefore, IN3 research is not just multidisciplinary, but also cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary.

From the standpoint of engineering, the research carried out at the IN3 creates new technologies that fuel the network society and have an impact on various areas of human activity. At the same time, the human sciences analyse the effects of these new technologies on society (the Internet of the future). This mutual feedback between disciplines allows us to identify the unsolved problems of the network society and the challenges of ICT-related human activity. As a result of this analysis, we are able to determine what needs and demands must be met by future Internet technologies to contribute to social progress.

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