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Urban Transformation and Global Change Laboratory

Urban Transformation and Global Change Laboratory (TURBA Lab)

The Urban Transformation and Global Change Laboratory (TURBA lab) is a research collective that welcomes researchers with different disciplinary backgrounds trying to overcome the traditional divisions between planning, social and environmental sciences. By centring our attention on the socio-environmental laboratory that is the contemporary city, we focus on unpacking new models of production, consumption and political organization in the Network Society that go beyond the city in itself. Our aim is to investigate and provide a nuanced understanding of what “urban” is and how it can be re-configured and transformed by new socio-technological configurations to confront the intertwining global economic, political and environmental changes we are facing.

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Research lines
  • New urban trends: the aim of this research line is to examine and measure new urban trends in four urban dimensions in relation to new technologies – the economy, culture, environment and politics – and to map out the geographies of urban transformation.
  • Experimental cities: this research line explores urban experiments and experiences at micro-scale in order to analyse the opportunities and problems of implementing new production and consumption models from below.
  • Rethinking urban transformation: this is a theoretical research line to reframe urban transformation in the Network Society. This research line feeds off the empirical work carried out in the two previous research lines.
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Open projects
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