Through this notice, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya; hereinafter the UOC–, with registered offices at Avinguda Tibidabo, 39-43 (08035-Barcelona), informs the users of this website of its personal data protection policy.

Use of the UOC's website and any of the services it offers implies the full acceptance of the conditions stipulated by the following Privacy Policy.

Pursuant to Spanish Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on personal data protection, users are hereby informed that any personal data requested in our forms, received via our email addresses or provided to us and which are necessary for the management of the teaching and qualification shall be added to the personal data files owned and controlled by the UOC. Hence, when users fill in and send forms with the personal data requested or send us emails with personal data, they expressly authorize and consent that the UOC may handle and add to its files the personal data provided and all the data generated from participation in or use of the different products and services offered on this website. This authorization may be revoked, but without retroactive effect. Users accept the following conditions for data processing.

You are also informed that all the data will be processed with the greatest confidentiality and in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data, and that our files are legally registered with the General Registry of the Catalan Data Protection Agency. 

The UOC shall not be held responsible for the data processing carried out by any websites that users may visit via links from our website. 

This website is governed by the legal provisions applying exclusively to Spain, and all the website's users, whether from Spain or abroad, are subject to those legal provisions.

The data requested are whichever data are suitable, pertinent and strictly necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. They will never be used for any purpose other than the one for which they were granted, and users are never obliged to provide them; however, they are absolutely necessary for rendering the services we offer to our users. 

Unless specifically stated otherwise, filling in all the fields in each form is required, and when filling in the forms users are to supply data that are truthful, accurate, complete and up-to-date. Users are solely responsible for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, that may be entailed for UOC or any third party through filling in the forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date data or through filling in the data of third parties instead of their own. 

Our website obtains users' personal data by receiving various forms sent in to us, and also through emails sent to us, for the following purposes: 

a) Managing the administration of, performing and pursuing all the UOC's teaching and institutional activity, and making arrangements for users in connection with the various services made available to them (for example in requesting information on degrees and postgraduate courses, or when applying for admission to the UOC, and so on). 

b) For arranging subscriptions to UOC Papers, articles, studies, journals, bulletins and websites. 

c) In connection with the Job Listings section for working with us and with companies in the UOC Group, as well as invitations to apply for teaching posts. 

d) For managing the administration of, performing and disseminating the Virtual Campus services (for example, organising cultural and sports activities, travel, meetings, and so on); in addition to the regulations set down here, those services are also governed by specific regulations that must be adhered to by all members of the community. Users are made aware, and accept, that being a member of the Virtual Campus means that any authorised member of the virtual community can access their published data, from anywhere in the world. 

e) In connection with informing or registering UOC associate or partner companies, for their development. 

f) In running the Campus for Peace, for informing or registering partner companies, and for attending to and registering Campus volunteers. 

g) For commercial purposes: when users decide to send in their personal data and email address to the UOC, they thereby expressly authorise the latter to use it for the purpose of occasional communications, expressly including the communications sent by email that the UOC or other bodies belonging to the teaching sphere of the UOC arrange for students, alumni, members of the Virtual Campus, associate and partner companies, Campus for Peace volunteers, and any other persons supplying their personal data for any of the purposes explained, as well as people expressing interest, for the purpose of informing them about activities or news, courses, study programmes etc. and announcements of all kinds about services and products connected with the institutional activity pursued. 

The UOC reserves the right to decide on whether or not to add the data on those persons to its files.

You can exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the personal data held on file from here.

In response to the trust placed in us, and bearing in mind the important requirement of protection and confidentiality for the users' data, the UOC informs you that all the technical and organisational measures needed for safeguarding the security of the data have been taken, as required by current regulations on security measures for files containing personal data.

You are informed that your data are treated as confidential and are used solely for internal procedures associated with the purposes explained; thus, those data are neither ceded nor disclosed to any third party unless the users concerned expressly authorise us to do so, in the cases envisaged in the relevant legal provisions. 

You expressly authorise us to make your personal data known – unless we are instructed otherwise by you – solely in the following cases: 

1. To the companies in the UOC Group, S.L. –Oberta UOC Publishing, S. L., Xarxa Virtual de Consum– for offering services (for publishing, multimedia, the purchasing cooperative, and other study options), particularly in connection with employment opportunities. In all cases, the company receiving your personal data and the purpose of divulging them will be stated. By accepting this clause, you acknowledge being informed of the provisions of Article 27 of the Spanish Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) concerning notification of the first instance of data being disclosed to a particular third party. 

2. Through being members of the Virtual Campus, users consent to their identifying data and image, as well as any other data the users may voluntarily add to their profiles, being made accessible to all the other members of the Campus community, though everyone in it has to comply with that community's regulations.

3. The user agrees to allow the UOC to transfer their personal and academic data to those other universities selected by the user for the development of training exchanges and, in the case of universities outside the European Economic Area, to transfer this data internationally.

4. Users agree to transfer their personal and academic data to public administration organizations and bodies for the preparation and publication of statistical reports.

5. In cases in which the UOC applies a discount to enrolment fees for students as part of collaboration with other public or private bodies, the UOC can transfer the students' data to these bodies in order to corroborate their identity.

6. In cases where programmes are taught jointly with another body, students agree to transfer their personal and academic data for use in the management and development of the teaching activities, and to receive messages regarding their course catalogues.

The acceptance granted by users for having their data processed or disclosed in the manner explained in this section is always revocable, though with no retroactive effect, in accordance with the provisions of articles 6 and 11 of Spain's Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13. 

The UOC makes various recommended options available to users, though in all cases liability remains with the sender of a message; accordingly, the UOC cannot be held liable for the sending of unsolicited commercial communications. We do not keep the email addresses of addressees under any circumstances. Users are also expressly forbidden to arrange mass dispatches of emails through those options, or to arrange processing for commercial purposes.


The UOC hereby notifies users that cookies are employed as they surf around the screens and pages of the website. Though the cookies used by the UOC are stored on the users' hard drive, the cookies cannot read other data stored on those drives or the cookie files created by other service providers. The UOC uses cookies for the purpose of recognising the users who have registered in order to be able to offer them a better, more personalised service (language preferences etc.). They are also used to obtain completely anonymous data on website access (the date, the hour and minute, frequency data etc.), in order to measure certain website traffic parameters and to compute the number of visits, so that the UOC can orientate and fine-tune the services it offers more effectively. However, users can prevent cookies being generated through the relevant set-up option in their browser program; if they do, the website will remain operational, though without the advantages of personalisation.

Consult the cookie policy.

In compliance with article 21 of the Law on Information-Society Services and e-Commerce, which forbids the dispatch of commercial communications by email unless the dispatch has been expressly authorised by the recipients, you are informed that by accepting these terms of use and privacy policy you give your express authorisation for dispatches of an informative, commercial, advertising or promotional nature being sent to you at the address you have provided. However, if you do not wish to receive our commercial communications by email, you can request not being sent any more of any particular commercial series by following the instructions included in each email sent out.

This privacy policy was established on 05/06/2007. The UOC reserves the right to amend its data protection policy in the future at is own discretion or in response to changes in legislation, case law or business practice. In the event of the UOC making any changes, the new text will be published on this same page, where users can become acquainted with the data protection policy. In all cases, however, relations with users shall be governed by the provisions in place at the very moment in which they access the website, and thus users must read the provisions every time they supply their data through our website.