Media services

The UOC's Research & Media Communications team offers resources to journalists and information professionals who request them. It can also provide contact with experts.

A journalist with a laptop and microphone

At the service of journalists

If you're a journalist, we can provide:

  • Information and data on the UOC's activities and events.
  • Press releases and invitations to press conferences, which you can receive periodically.
  • Contact with any member of the UOC community for journalistic pieces or to participate in programmes.
  • Subscription to our newsletters, with the news and press releases.
  • Images, videos and audio clips about UOC events, staff and centres.

To request these services:

Experts guide

Information on UOC teaching staff and researchers who are available to talk to the media, including their fields of specialization and contact details.

  • Pages with details of more than 200 UOC experts.
  • High-resolution photographs free for use by the media.
  • Fields of expertise specified.
  • Contact details so you can reach out to them.
  • News and press releases in which they have participated.
A journalist interviewing an expert with a camera

Press kit

Document with the most important information about the university from a journalistic point of view:

  •  Key figures: students, courses and programmes, etc.
  • Pedagogical and research models.
  • News and strategic projects.
  • Origins and distinguishing features.
UOC graduation ceremony

Photo and video gallery

Photographs and videos produced by the university and available to the media. You can browse the different sections, download them in high resolution and use whichever ones you need, attributing them to the UOC:

  • Official photos of the rector of the UOC
  • Videos involving the rector of the UOC
  • Photos of the UOC centres
Gallery showing many photos displayed on a large screen

The UOC in the media

Media publications with contributions from UOC experts.

A group of journalists with microphones, mobile phones and notebooks interview a person

About the UOC

Information and data about the university and how it works.

Learn more about the UOC

Corporate identity

Style guide with all the criteria and resources required for appropriate use of the UOC brand.

See our corporate style guide