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The UOC takes part in documentary series developed by the International Association of Universities

  Photo: Laura Lee Moreau / Unsplash (CC)

Photo: Laura Lee Moreau / Unsplash (CC)

Nria Masdu

The International Association of Universities (IAU) has helped produce a new series of short documentary videos that look at different aspects of the transformative role played by higher education in society. The series, titled Aiming Higher, has been produced by BBC Storyworks with recordings from some thirty countries on six different continents. Each episode lasts three minutes and focuses on a different university and their unique take on how higher education can face up to the current and future challenges arising from the complexity of our societies.

The UOC was one of the universities chosen to take part in this innovative project. We explain our singular model and how e-learning can help contribute to guaranteeing access to high quality higher education. 

This novel initiative aims to give voice to higher education institutions and systems around the world and showcase their leading role in sustainable development, innovation and social transformation.

Aiming Higher is also designed to provide a forum for reflection on the vital role played by higher education in the development of sustainable, democratic societies.

The series was unveiled at the IAU's annual International Conference held in Puebla, Mexico. The UOC's delegation at the event was led by Pastora Martnez Samper, Vice President for Globalization and Cooperation, and Antoni Cahner, UOC General Manager. University leaders, academics and experts came together to debate the impact of technological progress in higher education and the urgent need to create more sustainable societies.

Photo: UOC