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Statement from the President regarding COVID-19

  Photo: UOC

Photo: UOC

Josep A. Planell

Dear members of the UOC community,

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a series of far-reaching political and healthcare decisions with direct effects on the daily lives of millions of people. At the UOC, we have kept to and applied the protocols recommended by the public authorities. We are conscious of the importance of safeguarding the health of the members of our community and of working together to ensure both the virus itself and any misinformation about it do not spread. Global health must be prioritized above all else.

Just as you are, I am aware that the coming days will pose challenges. All the steps we have taken here at the UOC, including allowing staff to work remotely, aim to safeguard the health of the people who work here, while doing everything in our power to ensure that our teaching, research and other services can go on. We will continue to take the appropriate measures at all times.

Our community is rich in its diversity; you all have responsibilities in many different areas of society and in many different countries around the world. Our community is full of people who combine work and study, people with responsibilities in neighbourhoods and associations, in businesses and administrations – all of you are people with family and civic responsibilities.

We live in a global and increasingly interconnected world. This crisis has made that clear. It is vital that we all act responsibly and conscientiously. I am convinced that the members of the UOC community will know how to work with others to overcome this crisis.


Josep A. Planell

UOC President